About Me

Graphic Designer

Jonathan Desrosiers is a 24 year old artist, graphic designer and entrepreneur from Miramar, Florida.

He began a clothing business named “Vintage Stereon” with his friends in 2008. As the Graphic designer of this brand, his artistic views and versatility grew. From there, he has orchestrated events and has worked with prolific figures in the clothing industry. Today with Jonathan’s unending interest in art and the connections he has accessed, he has found that painting is a new avenue for his craft. Having done murals in Wynwood, to painting portraits of important people, he has found there is no limit to his ability. Ultimately he plans to own one of the greatest streetwear brands and have an influential impact on the standards of art direction.

His pursuit of artistry began when he was 10 years old living in New York and was very influenced by music, graphic art, and illustrations.  His family support was vital in the pursuit of his career. His father was a Musician/ Entrepreneur and his mother was a teacher. His parents gave him a perception of life that inspired him to become a creator. Working very diligently, Jonathan began his career upon his arrival to Florida.